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[the compliment gets a surprised giggle out of him, and he pulls in a big, happy breath at the touch on his face. it has been too long since someone has paid him this much attention, and the return of it is already a little rush.]

I don't mind.

[as if he'd say something even if he did--even the granting of permission is part of the game. and it goes along with the way he shuffles half a step closer and leans his face a little against Oren's fingers, to support the claim.]
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[it might be way over the top, but Oren just happens to have found the most spontaneously-willing partner ever. the elf glances in the direction of the rest of the station at large, but it's only to make sure that there isn't anyone already actively watching them. he doesn't particularly care if anyone sees, but it's old habit to watch out for figures of authority.

though, his focus returns a moment later, as he obediently backs deeper into the alcove until his back bumps up against the wall. and then the handsome stranger is ducking in, and his ear twitches from being tickled. it makes him giggle again, breathy, as he jumps ahead in his mind. he knows how this goes--being backed into a corner by a hungry stranger.

it's routine--almost comfortingly so.

and so, he opts for an answer that feeds into the little illusion that they're building between them. an exciting little fiction.]

...I don't know yet.

[it's almost a dare. this guy seems the type to maybe like something like that. and Nel adds to it by sneaking fingers toward his partner's hips, just for extra encouragement.]
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[and where Oren's kiss is practiced and intent, Nel's is delighted, but surprised. out of everything going on here, it's that little aspect of it that catches him the most off-guard. he still isn't used to including it in the routine--though, he certainly isn't complaining.

so, he smiles against his mouth as he kisses back, fights a little bit for the fun of it, but he isn't nearly as skillful at it. it's a bit of newness amongst all the old habit. at least it helps play into the false role of innocence, here.

and he doesn't have to feign any of the excitement. hooking some attractive stranger's interest so thoroughly, right off the bat, is a jumpstart to his pride. he needs to be wanted after. it's in the way he obediently presses back against pinning weight, and slides a hand around between them for a little extra friction.]
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[it's a good tactic. it's how to get him to do anything, really. even the hardest thing in the world for him--even pretending to take some amount of control. give him an order, hold the leash, and he'll obey.

so, the discomfort he feigns then is mostly an act. he turns his head a little bit away, and squirms in place. it's for friction, though. he presses forward, arches his spine, pretends to want to get away. and his fingers fidget and inch around from their place at his hip, toward the front, as if he's going to push him back.]

Don't make me say it...
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[his heart leaps, speeds up, patters up into his tightening throat. as his hand is trapped back, his grin reflexively widens... and the thrill is maybe sharper than simple excitement.

though this situation is practically habit, he's usually not this present for it. he's too aware, here. he can feel every bit of pressure against his wrist, and every eager little motion against his body. he can still think and nothing is numbed--it's a threatening thought.

it's different. it's frightening. it's bad for him.

briefly, his fingers anxiously curl, he gasps a little. he holds the breath but he's still smiling.]

You. [it's a little admittance at first, breathless as his chest is still tight.] I want you. To use me.
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[as vivid as every touch is like this, the absence is worse. even though it's only a small shift, there's still suddenly air and room to think between them, and Nel can't help but feel caught. he's only just now realizing--with a bit of a pang--how vulnerable he is. to smother that feeling, as well as for simple want, he badly wants Oren closer to him again.

he squirms a little, tugs his trapped wrist with a bit more accidental intent, and his free hand automatically drifts to Oren's hip again--restlessly picking at his hemline. as Oren pushes, his whole posture shifts to be as clearly inviting as he can manage. it's an anxiously eager thing.]

However you want. [another cop-out answer, maybe, but it's the truest one.]

I could enjoy you, make you happy... [he doesn't like how small his voice sounds, like this. he doesn't like having to wonder if he's doing a good job or not.] Or you could just take me...