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[ After getting pretty handsy on the walk over, Hans takes Oren back to his place. He shouldn't, but he figures Katsuya is out enjoying the festival and he's mostly right, too. (For the record, Katsuya enjoyed the festival for about 5 minutes, attacked his friends, then ran out into the forest to avoid eating anybody, but maybe that's why Hans is getting such good karma tonight. All that luck had to bleed somewhere.)

Hans leads Oren in, flicking on the lights for Oren's sake as they walk through the door. The apartment is fairly spacious. Expensive; with a kitchen, a living room, a bit of a foyer... it's nice. The rooms are sparsely decorated with matching upholstery and dark, black curtains blocking all light from the outside. Hans wouldn't have it any other way. Better to have an eerily dark apartment then wake up to your skin burning. Oren might not get that now, but come the next month, he might begin to understand.

Shame, though. If he starts turning into something ugly, Hans will have a harder time of this. Stay pretty for Hans, Oren.

And here we are. [ He adds with some flourish, releasing Oren's hand at last. It's not like Hans is nervous, more curious now that his intentions are completely clear. ] Where should we start?
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Is that right?

[ Hans almost laughs. He isn't just seducing some prince, no. Oren wants him honest. Wants him terrible, he means. Hans can certainly do that. Especially if it means following Oren further in and bringing a hand up to trail down his shoulders and around his neck as Oren slips his jacket loose. Hans can feel the blood under his fingertips, feel Oren's pulse and practically hear the telltale thrum of his heart. Huh, Hans's never had sex as a vampire before. It should be interesting. ]

My room is this way.

[ Hans leans into his touch and presses closer, stepping in time with Oren to keep the distance to a minimum but also make their way over as soon as possible. With Hans' claws, he has to be gentle, very gentle. Or not, judging by the fact that he "accidentally" slips up a bit at the end, scratching a thin line off the side of Oren's neck. Not enough to draw blood, though. See if he likes that. ]

There's plenty I have yet to teach you.
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[ Against the wall is a good place to start, he decides. His blood pumps slower now, heartbeat rising at an even pace but it's good. He feels alive. What a novelty. The rush in his ears and the flush on his cheeks is something he'd barely noticed he was missing. ]

I doubt we'd have time to go over everything. [ Hans grabs hold of Oren's chin and leans down into his lips, pressing him against the door once it's closed behind them. He's crowding in close, smirking as he deepens their kiss and settles his knee between Oren's legs. Sure, he has to bend down a bit, but that's part of the fun. ]

But I'm excited to try.
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[ Stroking Hans' ego works almost as well as physical contact. He's vain, narcissistic and desperate for praise, always. It makes him grin, almost honest or at least honest in interest. Hans is certainly interested in seeing where this goes. ]

You know I won't.

[ And he does, rolling his hips down against Oren's, trailing his kisses down as though pulled there by Oren's pulse. He hasn't had the pleasure of drinking from someone who he wasn't commanding to be still-- his blood hums louder, heightened by excitement and whatever else. Hans is going to enjoy this. ]

What are your feelings on pain, Oren?
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[ Hans isn't exactly trusting, but he's certainly pressing back against Oren's hand, hissing softly at the pressure and enjoying every inch of Oren's touch. His blood normally runs so cold, but that's quickly changing. It could change even more if Oren let it. ]

Your blood. [ Hans speaks into Oren's neck, sucking hard on his nape, nearly drooling from the blood pumping just beneath his skin. Carefully, so carefully, Hans lowers his teeth onto Oren's skin, enough for him to feel sharp fangs teasing, pressing against him but holding in place. Hans is enjoying the attention-- he doesn't want that to stop just because he wants to feed. ] Let me. Please. I can almost taste it...
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[ He doesn't need to be told twice. Asking in itself was a courtesy, an investment for later, a planned move-- certainly not caring, or considerate or kind. None of that. Hans bites down into Oren's neck and the taste of his blood hits his tongue, warm and metallic and so good that he can't hold back a moan. The rush it gives makes Hans' hips jump and has him crowding him in further.

He's never been more conflicted with sensation. Oren's hand takes up much of his attention, he never thought he could feel more but his lips around his neck and the warm slick taste of copper down his throat has Hans getting harder faster better stronger than he's ever gotten, especially considering he's undead. The sound of Oren's heartbeat rings in his head as he drinks down, and he might need to stop soon, perhaps, but not right now, not yet. He's enjoying this too much.

Yeah, food and sex, who knew the two could go together so well?
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I had "Should Hans growl or purr idk" in my drafts this whole time

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[ Grudgingly, Hans pulls his mouth away from Oren's neck, admiring the drip of blood from the wound. He slides his tongue right against and laps up what remains with kisses that grow in intensity. It's not easy keeping himself reined like this, with Oren's hand at his hips and his blood on Hans' lips. But he can think of a few other ways to reward him for the meal. ]

I plan to. [ Hans presses against Oren firmly, arms coming around to hold up his hips. Hans is strong enough for the both of them. He can let go. ] You've been very good.