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jeremiah was a bullfrog

[It was a cold winter day. He shouldn't be out at all. He can feel the cold in his bones even with the number of layers he has on, and as he passes through crowds in the street, a few coughs make him doubt his decision. He might be pushing himself too hard... There had been lookouts at every door in the house, so it was difficult enough getting out, but now that he was out in the chill and trying to find what he was looking for, it seemed even more impossible.

He really hated this weak body of his. At this rate, he'd end up back in the hospital, unable to help or witness anything at the academy. It's the irritation at this that pushes him forward, clutching the scarf closer around his neck as he shields another couple of coughs.

He's lost. He's far too lost— there should be ice skating around here somewhere, but he can't find it at all? He wasn't too used to walking like this. And now, instead of his goal, he's found an annoyance cutting his path off and looking him like he's about to scold.

Eichi smiles coolly before Keito can speak.]

You're looking as stern as ever. If I were to guess, you're about to say something like "You shouldn't be out here with your health as it is," right?
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How about "I've been searching for you for hours"? [Even with all the layers he's wearing, the cold still soaks through. What's worse is that he's out of breath from the exertion and his arms feel like lead after carrying around another two layers for Eichi. He marches up and tugs them onto him.] Followed by your "you shouldn't be out here with your health as it is" and finished with "you're acting troublesome"!

[He yanks a knit hat over Eichi's head.] Maybe it's my fault for thinking you would be mature enough to make it home by yourself today. I've already had to fend off four concerned calls from your house and rush over here to wander for hours. Only to what? Find you drifting around with your only goal being a wish to end in the hospital again? [He aggressively tucks in a scarf, slaps on some mittens and hangs a third coat around Eichi's shoulders.] Come on. I'll call your house if you don't follow.
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Ice skate? [Well, he can't really say it was an unexpected curiosity for Eichi—certainly it was easier to picture him pirouetting around a ring than trying to make instant coffee—but it was still odd. Another whim Eichi was acting upon, as if doing some "commoner" thing would make him feel alive.

Well, it could, Keito supposed, but even then it was too risky.
] You're overlooking the fact that these smart phones are mobile. [Which means he's falling into step beside Eichi, ringing up his home. His tone shifts when they answer and the conversation becomes the usual rhythm of nodding, "yeses" and "I understands". The only thing Eichi will really care about is the location he gives them—the name of the closest skating rink.] They'll pick you up at the rink. I'll be staying with you until they come so don't think of attempting any mad dashes. With your constitution you'll only end up face-first on the pavement.

[Tucking the phone away, he pulls on Eichi's arm.] Stay left. What are you doing? Really. Your belligerence is already bad enough. Do you really have to be so clueless as well? Any observant person would be able to find a popular landmark like the rink. You've been wandering around on purpose, haven't you?
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I'll believe that line better when you're not so blatantly trying to convince me otherwise. [But fine. He'll gladly shoulder Eichi's weight. It's all he's ever done and it's all he may ever be able to do. He wraps an arm around him for a better hold and guides them onto a busier street, keeping the pace just as it was.]

If you really didn't know the way then that means you were just taken by a whim. That's even more damning, you know. Everything would have been simpler if you had just asked me to escort you.
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Don't call them commoners.

[He bites his tongue for the rest. They've been through it all before and he's tired of wasting the effort. Did it really matter what winter had when the rest of the year was so full of life? So long as he went through every day surrounded by those he cared about instead of those taciturn white hospital walls, wouldn't that be fine?

They could never agree and he couldn't fathom why. These little ventures hurt; Keito could tell from every hitch in Eichi's words, the shift of weight, the slope of his back and neck. They're evocative of worse predicaments. Every inch his shoulders lowered was another inch closer to collapse.

Keito didn't want to see Eichi in that hospital bed again. He couldn't.

I don't have much of an option. [Although that was Eichi's plan from the initial request. Pre-established harmony, no doubt.

Keito leads him to a bench outside the rink and forces him to sit down.
] We're going to have to get the rental skates. Wait here while I get them. I think you know what'll happen if I catch you trying to leave?

[Spoilers: It's a lecture. It's always a lecture.]
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[The line isn't long and a few minutes later Keito returns.]

Give me your foot.

[The request is paired with a tap to the shoulder. He doesn't wait for Eichi to accept. Kneeling down before him he starts unlacing the skates, occasionally glancing at the rink.]

It's fortunate that of all days to misbehave you chose one where the rink is relatively empty. If you had come on a weekend there'd be no hope for either of us.

[One shoe opened and ready, Keito sets to work on the other.] I don't skate, you know. We're going to have to stick to the wall. No doubt you knew that. I can't see why you find that prospect appealing.
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[Everything, huh? Maybe that was true. While he doesn't envy the skaters, he can see how the concept would be lucrative. The ice presented a challenge and doled out remorseless punishments for failing; to conquer something like that, to carve your path into its surface- it was nothing short of conquering nature. Factor that with the increased speed and gracefulness of movement and it wasn't hard to understand why the rink became so popular.

So maybe it was enjoyable. Maybe, on another day, he would enjoy the ecstasy of freedom that movement brought. Maybe he would someday be able to pull away from the wall and glide forward, beautiful across the ice.

For now, he can barely look past Eichi's trembling hands. The ice doesn't exist, only the sharpness of the shoes' blades and the belabored breaths that seem to torture Eichi's entire body.

You're going to die from the cold.

[One shoe on. He moves on to the next.]
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You mutter that threat too often for it to hold any consequence anymore.

[For anyone else, that threat would freeze over a person's soul. There was no one in Eichi's life that wouldn't be sacrificed for either good reason or on a whim. Only the high-ranking pieces were safe and Keito was secure in the knowledge that he was the highest of all.

If Eichi lived his life on a chessboard then Keito was his queen. Forgiveness would be granted if only to make him move across the board. Something as trivial as this spoiled urge wouldn't cause his removal. Losing the queen always meant defeat.

Inspired, he takes his time with the second skate.

If you want me to cooperate at least attempt to believe that I would accept a lie. You're only going to make me more cautious, confirming what the two of us already know.
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[What a careless thing to say. Yet those are the five words he can never turn away. If this menial act would improve Eichi's life in anyway, if it would make him feel even the slightest fulfillment, Keito had an obligation to grant it.

Besides, the others were on their way.

Keito ties Eichi's last shoe on tight and takes his hand off of his shoulder. He holds it as he stands and pulls Eichi up; he continues to hold it as he leads him towards the rink, his other arm around Eichi's waist.

Come on, then.

[The walk isn't graceful. Keito lives up to his words and wobbles the whole way.]