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stay with me here

(Concept: CDC AU but Leon fucked up at flying a spaceship in their grand escape and now they're who the fuck knows on some random jungle planet. And no dumb uniforms.)

[How many days has it been. Five? It's been at least three, because he can distinctly remember the last three nights of D whining about one thing or another. How can he figure a way out of here when this guy's worrying about his nails or some shit? And Leon swears he was almost attacked by a pack of weird, wild alien animals, but when he ran in with his gun to save the day, he was just scolded for it.

Well, right now, on day-whatever where they're running low on food and supplies, he's had to take some risks. Climbing a tree for some fruit was all he could manage when he was working with a damned vegetarian here, and it just so happened that this particular fruit was large and juicy and hanging a little too precariously off of one of the tallest branches.

So, here he is, bruised and cut up from the fall back down to the forest floor, and wincing as D presses a cloth of something that stings to his cheek.]

Ouch! Come on, don't press that hard, it stings. [He's being a baby. But to be fair, he's grumpy, he's starving, and he has no idea how they're going to get out of this one with a busted up spaceship.]
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a different kind of space prom

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[This is really not all that different from the usual mishaps Leon gets them pulled into, other than the fact that they are out in space, on an alien planet, with a broken spaceship and a massively decreased chance of survival thanks to the goddamn broken spaceship. D spent at least one solid day complaining about how Leon somehow talked him into stealing a spaceship in the first place and trying to escape, which he wouldn't have done if they hadn't crashed on a random planet, but details.

He's been in better moods is the point. And Leon keeps batting a thousand, scaring away whatever indigenous life might try to help them and just—shouting so much and getting himself hurt! Does the man never learn!!

D won't take the blame for this vegetarian folly, either. He didn't ask Leon to climb a tree. So whatever he's pressing to Leon's face probably stings partially because he's been in a Mood for so many days.]

It will sting less if you hold still. [no it won't] I did tell you to pick something else.
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is it tho

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[It would be sweet, the way Leon is trying so hard to look after him - because it's obvious and D isn't an idiot, as much as Leon won't admit it - if he weren't getting himself injured so much in the process. Honestly, what's to become of them if Leon winds up at the bottom of some alien ravine because he saw a nice-looking space apple?

This is what D is thinking while he looks over at that guilty fruit, and alright, his peevish face-stinging will get a little gentler. He sighs.]

Yes, you did. [...] Thank you. But you do need to take better care of yourself. Especially now, of all times...
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he made an anime noise, ic

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[Just a little fall....... Americans. Male Americans!! D gives him a look, exasperated, before putting down whatever little moist towelette he's been using from a space first aid kit to dab at Leon with and reach for yet another bandage for his face.]

Falling out of trees is not exactly a grand plan, my dear... But you do have a point. [Pause. Treasure that, he won't say it again.] Ideally we'll be far away the next time that gaggle of maniacs decide to decimate who knows how many species.

[He is anger........... but anyway. Give him another moment to also look at the cruddy spaceship, hmm...] Is there... anything I may do to help?
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[Okay, rude. He's trying to help, despite all of his very obvious limitations with technology.]

The animals are not the ones who crashed our wayward vehicle. And no, there isn't any Chinese magic to save you this time.

[This is the treatment he gets for trying to be polite...!! He pats the last corner of this bandage onto Leon's face only a little patronizingly, then turns away to totally ignore him while he cleans up the first aid stuff. Hmm, hmmmm.]
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[Maybe he doesn't even want this space coconut now!! D only acknowledges this with a hum, studiously not looking at Leon or coconut while he spends way too long rolling up what remains of their bandage supply. It's going to be bad if they run out of these and Leon is still hurting himself every day...

Ugh, he's trying to be mad, not worry over this moron. He will sit out here and fold bandages and brood for a good ten minutes before he gets up to go see what further damage Leon has done to the ship.

After he doubles back for the coconut thing, since that's their dinner tonight. So, coconut in hand, he will go to find Leon and maybe not snap at him this time.]
Have you had any brilliant flashes of insight?

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[Ah, yes, this is what he expected. Is there somewhere back here to set down this coconut? He'll just put it on what looks like a shelf and hope it doesn't roll anywhere and get stuck.]

And you recall how exactly to do that...? I seem to remember you trying very hard. [D might have loitered and watched, which is to say he definitely did, and if Leon was distracted then and so hopeless now, that might be partially his fault.

He leans to peer around Leon, like he knows which part of the burnt mess is the important one. Aha.]
How is it going?
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Hm. [Yes, that's all he has to contribute because it's all he has... This coconut could be the missing piece and he'd have no idea, no one ever forced him to go to ship repair class. Maybe he was organizing boxes or something.

Still, he makes a passing effort to consider the burnt remains of the back of the ship, for Leon's sake. It's not like he'd actually be all that helpful even if he did understand, but he'll pretend like this.]

Perhaps you should take a break. You are injured. [ah, and the coconut,] We are both going to eat it.
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[Leon....... babe. Of course he's going to feed you, this is standard fare. D pats him on the arm, maybe laying on the cheerful attitude a bit much so suddenly, but god. It's actually depressing, how angry and mopey Leon has been for days.

So come with him, to what is presumably the less-fucked up part of the ship, where something harmless and not electrical like a fold out table for cracking fruit open is.]

If we had any rations left, I could make a rudimentary pastry, but since we happen to be "roughing it"- [he does the fingerquotes] -I suppose we'll have to make do with a fruit salad.