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[I didn't- I didn't mean to follow-

It was just some drunkard, he was alone- just someone....I can't believe, I-

What the hell am I suppose to say?! I can barely...I don't even remember what happened, I just-

No, dammit, listen to me!!

There's no brushing this off! There's no justifying what I did! I'm suppose- I'm the one who-

Dammit, dammit...!! You don't get it, do you- you don't get what the hell it means, this, to me-!!

You don't get it, dammit! Stop trying to tell me otherwise! Just because, just-

You're the one that acts like a monster. Not me.

At first, he can't quite believe it's been a week since that encounter. He hasn't been counting down the minutes and hours that passed since he last spoke to Kurapika, but in the end he doesn't really need to. Time drags on it's own, a slug's pace that leaves a sickly, pale film in it's wake. That's how he feels recently- like he's walking in slime- weighed down, stagnant. Of course the kids noticed, but thanks to their (combined) better judgement, they leave him be and look to him when he needs it the most. He's barely seen a glimpse of Kurapika since that fight- not a strand of blond hair or a pale flash in the dark to be seen.

He doesn't blame him. Leorio has already filed away every justification he's entitled to regarding his outburst. They're meager excuses compared to what he did...compared to the look he put on Kurapika's face. Leorio removes his shades from the bridge of his nose and presses the heel of his palm between his brows. He never thought he'd let these damned instincts take control...he hardly remembers killing that staggering stranger. But the thought of it is enough to bring bile up his chest and he swallows in a desperate attempt to keep it down. Here in his room, he won't find much closure- he's become painfully familiar with these walls.

He takes in the lighting in his room and gathers it's nearing 6pm, maybe later. The kids went out into town for new snacks to gnaw on, and him- being the mopey idiot he is- had declined. When he nears his window he thinks he sees them up ahead, walking down the pathway leading to their aging gate.

It's Kurapika. Leorio half expects him to look up, see him from the window, and turn right around (again, he wouldn't blame him). Instead, he watches the smaller male vanish from his view, hidden by unruly vines climbing their gate bars. The garden?

The garden. Leorio knows Alluka and Kurapika have been mulching and tending to that garden for a good while. It's become a shockingly successful splash of color in their otherwise dead patch of land, and Kurapika- for reasons that are still lost to him- tends to it like a mother would. His legs nearly quake at the idea of confronting him now. It's been days, he has...too much to say. It would come out in a jumble, a mess that had no beginning or no end. He'll probably yell. It would be the worst, for the both of them.

But somehow, it's not enough to stop him from heading downstairs, outside, and into the yard where the garden grows quietly. Leorio's face is sallow and small, but the tight line that makes his lips expresses his determination well enough.


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