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it's time for us to lose our weary minds

[When word had gotten to Kurapika, to say he was infuriated would be an understatement. He'd had an agreement with Hisoka, and while he'd never once been under the impression that it would be even or fair, at the very least he thought he'd managed to get him down to an art. His lies were random, sometimes for no reason, but there would be no gain in lying to him about this one thing. In fact, he had been positive that if he'd been part of his clan's massacre, he would have said it with glee just to enrage him and gain a fight.

He'd assumed too much, it seemed. Emotion overcame him, and while the couple bodyguards who'd witnessed his reaction tried to stop him, he stormed off without a second thought. He was going to deal with this now. He had no more use for Hisoka.

The most thought he'd put into this was whether or not the law he'd put on Chain Jail would classify Hisoka as a 'spider' or not. He'd decided it wouldn't. That didn't stop him from sending the text.

I'm sending you the coordinates for a desolate location just outside of the city where I'm currently located.
Meet me there tonight.
If you're not close enough, I'll come to you.

Needless to say Hisoka had responded. Why wouldn't he? And now, in traditional clothing rather than his usual suit, Kurapika stood waiting. There were no paved roads in this area. Only hills, dirt, sand, yellow grass... With no view into the city from the spot he'd chosen, it was ideal for a fight.

He wasn't planning on wasting any time with this.]

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