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Nocta Oren ([personal profile] twocomplex) wrote in [community profile] teaism2015-06-14 07:19 pm

they're all in a room at the same time, for once

[Yet another day in Renacht. No, that's not quite right. Yet another day in the Palace of Renacht, stuck on the grounds with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. Yes, that about summed it up.

Oren was beginning to grow bored. With how things were, he couldn't leave the palace, couldn't venture to other areas, couldn't do anything. And Robin was stuck here along with him! And what have they done about it? Absolutely nothing. He wonders if it's the presence of Mattias that distracts them both. Normally, Oren would like to be messing around. He hasn't had a chance with Mattias here, with Robin hanging around, and he's never been able to tell if Robin was quite interested in it himself... Aside from makeouts, that is.

He finally blinks out of his fantasy, lifting his chin from his palm and running the hand through his hair, instead. Curls fall right back into place before he's flattening it down the back of his head and looking from Mattias to Robin.

They were literally just sitting in this room right now.]

Tell me, what exciting things shall we do today?

[He's tired of it. The boredom, the restrictions, the lack of attention. Were they eyeballing each other in their free time? Perhaps each time he blinked they found time for more! ...Or maybe he's just a little grumpy here. Forgive him.]

Another long few hours of staring out the window? I've read every book within reach three times over now.

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