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Nocta Oren ([personal profile] twocomplex) wrote in [community profile] teaism2015-08-17 10:09 pm


[It was amazing, honestly, that things were working out as smoothly as they were. Until this point, everything had been exciting or endearing, and honestly, Oren was so pleased with this turn of events that even Mattias' brand of fumbling couldn't cause his irritation to pool. Hesitation is met with a light, airy chuckle, and he touches a hand to Ryan's face to pause him.

Hopefully he can understand the gesture as it is— an unspoken apology for Mattias' hesitance and a brief tell to wait. It should become clear enough anyway, as he leans forward from where they sit on the bed and lets his hands fall away from Ryan, lifting Mattias' chin instead.]

Your tension is palpable, Mattias, but all I want to touch is you. [And Ryan, he reminds with a light pinch to Ryan's thigh.] Relax.

[Softly, he kisses him, letting it linger just long enough before he pulls back with another of his laughs. He's the picture of calm enjoyment now, robes pooled around his waist and eyes fixing on Ryan as he nods to the least experienced of their little trio.]

Or perhaps he wishes for your guidance?

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