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Eichi Tenshouin ([personal profile] finethanks) wrote in [community profile] teaism2016-08-13 08:17 pm

jeremiah was a bullfrog

[It was a cold winter day. He shouldn't be out at all. He can feel the cold in his bones even with the number of layers he has on, and as he passes through crowds in the street, a few coughs make him doubt his decision. He might be pushing himself too hard... There had been lookouts at every door in the house, so it was difficult enough getting out, but now that he was out in the chill and trying to find what he was looking for, it seemed even more impossible.

He really hated this weak body of his. At this rate, he'd end up back in the hospital, unable to help or witness anything at the academy. It's the irritation at this that pushes him forward, clutching the scarf closer around his neck as he shields another couple of coughs.

He's lost. He's far too lost— there should be ice skating around here somewhere, but he can't find it at all? He wasn't too used to walking like this. And now, instead of his goal, he's found an annoyance cutting his path off and looking him like he's about to scold.

Eichi smiles coolly before Keito can speak.]

You're looking as stern as ever. If I were to guess, you're about to say something like "You shouldn't be out here with your health as it is," right?

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