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Jae-Ha ([personal profile] leggie) wrote in [community profile] teaism2016-11-22 10:02 pm

tiny friend bakery AU

[Jae-Ha isn't sure how long he's been jumping. He's tried to stop a couple of times, seeking shelter in some areas and looking to reach out in others, but so far, his predecessor's words have been unfortunately true. There's not a single person who's been willing to look past his jumping, not one who's willing to take in a monster. He's incredibly hungry, and even if the full strength of this leg still feels amazingly new, he knows he's running low on steam there, too.

Large cities don't seem promising to him by now, and so he takes off in a more rural direction, passing farms and small towns until finally, he spots a young boy down below. That's enough to have Jae-Ha waiting out in this area for the next day at least, hidden in trees, behind buildings, wherever he can manage to spy. Some of it's exhaustion from searching for so long, and there's a part of him that wants to be cautious after so many rejections— but what he's really curious about is how this kid lives. Through whatever nerdy things Hazel ends up doing as Jae-Ha watches from afar, he decides that he's someone who might have a kind heart, and that he'd be easier to speak to than any of the adults. So, he finds some tree to sleep in until morning.

Finding Hazel alone in the middle of whatever errand or task he might be up to the next day, Jae-Ha falls from the sky in front of him and immediately drops to a knee as a sign of pleading. He's probably a horrible sight, beaten and bruised and dirty, but he's determined to make his case here despite that.]

I'll do whatever you want, so please let me stay with you. [Hmm, yes, that seems like a sensible first sentence to say to him. Eyebrows furrowed, he stares at Hazel's feet and waits.]

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