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baby jae-ha catch all?!

If you wanna thread with him, just make a starter! Or work out with me how things can start.
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[It's right outside the village.

Young eyes trained upon the trees, Kija squints with a critical stare toward the thick forest, as though he'll see something if he strains hard enough. Today, wouldn't it be useful if he had Seiryuu's ability? However, the blue dragon is not who is on Kija's mind.

It had started in the morning. A presence that he felt from time to time, but never so close. It's always been so far off, no where near a place where Kija might have the hope of interacting. Yet through the day, it's come steadily nearer. And now, it's upon the village, lingering somewhere off within the woods on the outskirts. Another dragon. Ryokoryuu, his mind supplies.

With one of his lessons done, he's supposed to meet with Granny in a bit. That will have to wait, though.

Eyes flickering up to the adults around him as he moves through the village, a couple bow in polite reverence as he passes. With a smile, he simply nods and tries to act casual. It isn't easy walking through his village unnoticed. When he thinks all eyes are off of him however, he hurries forward and dives behind a pile of wood. If anyone sees him disappear into the trees, they'll definitely follow after him. Luckily, he knows a thing or two about sneaking out by now. Even where most their look-outs hide.

From the pile of wood and into the trees, he breaks out into a run, heart racing. Another dragon has finally come...! It's never happened in the history of their village, not that he knows of! What could it mean? He doesn't know if he dares allow himself to think that perhaps their master... has he made an appearance, too? With nervous excitement, he dashes forward, eyes scanning the nearby area around him. If he calls out too loudly, the village sentries will hear him. But surely the other dragon must feel him too!]

Ryokuryuu...? [He pauses, and listens quietly for a moment.]
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[Attention immediately shifts toward the direction of the snapped branch. Over here!? He can feel the presence now, so close. It fills his mind, an easily identifiable presence. He's sure that he's atop him. So why doesn't he come out?]


[Spoken louder this time. He isn't hiding is he? Or perhaps he thinks that Kija is one of the sentries?]

It's dangerous to stay out here alone. [If someone sees him and mistakes him for an intruder instead of one of the sacred dragons, he could be in trouble. Frustrated, he peers behind some long ferns. Not here either? But he must here.

Maybe he just needs a better vantage point. Glancing from one tree to the next, blue eyes settle onto an incredibly tall one. There...! That one is perfect. Grasping hold of the tree, he finds a good spot to put his foot first. Once satisfied, the nails of his claw dig deep into the tree, and clinging tight with his opposite hand, he slowly begins his climb up.

He'll definitely see him from up here...!]
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[That voice...! It's still young. Perhaps not as much as him, but it's hardly deep, like that of a grown adult. That means like him, he's still a kid. Or at the very least not very old. He pauses from his position. So the voice was... to his right!]

There's no way that I'm leaving!

[As though he would just leave things at this. Although a part of him is disheartened to hear that his purpose for coming so nearer isn't to meet him. He carefully climbs down, before running toward the direction he heard the voice, and the faint jingle of something...metal?]

Why do you hide yourself? Come out and talk to me! [If he thinks that he'll just leave it at this, then he's mistake him. He'll chase him down if he has to. Moving nearer, he finally spots him.]


[There's almost no hesitation at all as he rushes to the base of the tree. His claw digs in and he glances up at the green haired boy in pure determination.]

I'm coming up! [ From his vantage point it's a little difficult to make out his features as of yet. He blends in while covered with the branches, but once at the top he'll be able to see him and speak freely.]
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[What Jae-Ha might not know, is that Kija's become rather good at climbing trees over the years.

. . . That isn't to say that he hasn't had his mishaps. In the past and even now. Nearly up, his knuckles upon his left hand pull white and tremble with his effort to gain another inch. His claw lifts and-

A gigantic, insect scurries in front of him. His blue eyes have just enough time to widen, before a startled cry escapes his lips.]


[Jolting back, his claw misses it's mark. In horror, his left hand's grip slips, and in that split second he realizes he's going to fall. His stomach rushes, eyes large when he feels gravity take effect.

But rather than plunge to the ground below, something catches his hand. His body jerks as it's pulled taut and he dangles a moment, before glancing up. The shock of his fall and then catch is only tempered by the bruised face that stares down at him, and the metal chain that dangles from the hand that grasps his. Oh-

There's no time to think on it further in the moment. His claw flailing in a circle he gasps, before he reaches up to grab hold of him with both hands (carefully as he can). Frazzled, his eyes spin dizzily as his legs kick irratically to find purchase.]


[Please for the love of the dragon gods, pull him up and away from it!!!]
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[Oh thank the gods. His heart is hammering loudly in his chest, and for a moment there he thought he saw dozens of little grannies flash before his eyes. Not only is he no longer dangling next to a gigantic insect, but he also didn't plunge to the ground below.]

R-Ryokuryuu I owe you a debt of gratitude. [He saved him from the bug. And also falling. He's so thankful.]
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I've come to talk with you!

[He's still awkwardly atop Jae-Ha, but he tries to adjust so that he's not crushing him, and can sit... balance upon the branch. It's not the most stable though, so he's still clutching onto the older boy. They have so many things that they must talk about...!

But first...]
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[Those injuries. Who or what could do something like this, and to the Green Dragon? His yes briefly flicker to the chains about his wrist. Did his village come under attack? If so... this is a serious and dangerous offense.]

Your injuries... we should see to them. I have medical supplies at home.
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[Staring, he doesn't understand. Why the reluctance to go...? Why the strange defensiveness? While unsure, he reaches forward to grasp one of his wrists with his left hand. With his opposite one, he breaks the shackle that still clings to him.

The opposite one is still holding them to the tree, so he'll remove it once in a better position.]

I am Hakuryuu Kija. [It's the first time he's ever actually told someone his birth name before. It's strange to hear and do so now.]

I don't understand. What happened to you...? [How is it that he's found himself here and in such a poor and sorry state.] If you come to my village, we can tend to your injuries. Everyone would be happy to meet the Green Dragon. They would throw a festival in your honor, and there will be lots of food.
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[His confusion only grows. Tie him down again? The village...? The dragon villages are meant to protect and cherish the dragons. They're responsible for their teaching, so that when the day comes that King Hiryuu returns, they can be there for him. Whether it is their generation or the next.

But this- he doesn't understand.]

If... [He sounds stunned to speak the words that come out of his mouth. His village... did not truly do this, did they?] If the village of Ryokoryuu... has forsaken the gods, and have done you harm, then by no means would the villager elders force you back. [Impossible. They would in fact be enraged at the injustice.] Nor would they presume to enforce their will upon one of the sacred dragons.

[They take care of his teaching and daily needs, and his Granny overseas the village as a whole, however:]

I am confident that my village would welcome you in with open arms. [Determined, he lifts a hand up to his heart in promise.] And I would not allow the mistreatment of one of my brethren. I promise you, the village will heed my words.

[There isn't any doubt about it.]

My Granny and the village has helped to raise me, and they have always been kind. They would all be honored by your presence, Ryoku-- [Ah-] Jae-Ha.
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[The shock of the day has worn on Kija. The moment Ryokoryuu falls, Kija is at his side. It's pure exhaustion, or so he hopes. Panic bubbling up within the back of his throat, he carefully grasps the other dragon in his arm and pulls him up over his shoulder. His strength makes the weight of the older boy easy, but it's their size difference where he struggles.]

Help! Guards...!

[ Kija can get him into the village, but he doesn't know how to medically tend to him. Which is why he calls for help while moving as fast as he can. And it's in short order that the sentries find them. Their shock at finding Kija with a stranger only doubles when he explains that it's Ryokoryuu. In short order he is taken from him, and he has the medics called, his granny, and the village elders. Upon his order, he directs them to bring him to his residence and room.

And that's where he stays. Some of his caregivers make a small fuss that they can prepare another bed for the green dragon, so that Kija can keep his own, but that hardly matters in the moment. He isn't the one who has been so injured and hurt.

And so Kija remains by his side while the village medics tend to his wounds, force him to sip some broth, and provide a change of clothes. His original ones are washed, and mended quickly and now sit folded neatly upon a chair in the room.

As for Kija, he barely leaves his side. In case he needs help when he awakens, someone should be there. And further more, he's worried that if Jae-Ha awakens alone, he will slip out and leave before Kija can speak with him again.

Which is why when Jae-Ha does awaken, nestled beneath a thick blanket, upon a warm, comfortable bed and pillow, he might notice the silver haired boy beside him. Asleep, a blanket having obviously been placed upon his shoulders, his chest rises and falls in the slow, steady rhythm that only rest can provide. His claw is strewn up upon the bed, clutching the thick comforter upon Ryokoryuu.]
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[A gentle brush ghosts along the scales of his right hand, the touch lightly stirring him. Eyes tiredly lifting, he blinks once, twice, and then again. Before realizing that at long last, the boy he's been dutifully watching over has finally awoken.

Blue eyes grow with a mix of excitement and relief, and he scrambles to his feet. His claw shifts, turning upon the hand that had gently touched his, and he carefully grasps his arm.]

You're awake! [At last! He's been so worried!] Are you all right? Do your injuries hurt? [He's certainly all bandaged up. Kija made sure that everyone had attended to all his injuries.] I should fetch someone to bring warm food and water.
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Of course I was!

[This may be their first time meeting, but they are alike and connected in ways that most people will never be able to relate. But more than that, simply has a human being, seeing another brought to the brink like that isn't easy. Especially if there's something he can do to help.

He doesn't have to admit that he might have gotten teary with worry prior to believing he was stable and would be okay. What matters is right now!]

You've been out a while. [Too long.] Right now you are within my residence. I thought you would be the most comfortable here. [So he hopes that arrangement has been all right.]

Hold on...

[Carefully he releases him, only to hurry over to the wide doors. Pushing them open, a woman outside of it bows upon greeting. Hakuryuu-sama is spoken politely upon her lips.]

Ryokuryuu has awoken. Please get us some warm soup and fresh water. You can tell Granny that he is up now too. But for now I wish to speak with him alone. In a little bit I'll call for the medics to check on him again.

[With a bow, the woman nods, before she takes her leave. At once Kija returns back to his side.]

The food will be here shortly, so when it comes please eat. [The village medic told him the reason Ryokoryuu was in such poor condition is not due to the physical injuries, despite how bad they look. It was more so the absolute need for food and rest.] In order to jump again without collapsing, you will have to rebuild your strength.

[His eyes widen, as though just remembering something.] Oh-

[Moving to a nearby stand, he grabs a bowl and moves over.] If you need something to eat immediately, I have some fresh loquats. [It seems he's worried that he'll pass out again.]
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Nnn... [With an unsatisfied frown, the shorter boy leans over the bed incredibly close. His blue eyes bore into the tired purple ones that stare up at him. Plucking a loquat out of the bowl, he carefully reaches out to place one in Jae-Ha's hand. Before closing his fingers around it with his claw.]


[This is his way of worrying.]
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[When he accepts the loquat, Kija finally feels a little more satisfied. There's still a long way to go before he can relax. He'll feel less unsettled when Jae-Ha has recovered and has his strength again, however.

For a moment there's confusion. He blinks, before he glances back toward the door.]

Oh-- [The servants within the house?] That was Miss Nari. My parents are no longer here, and so Granny makes sure there are people around to help when I need. Especially if I need to fetch her or someone.[Usually the people who work for her are... overly doting. But of course he likes everyone.]

Granny is at the head of the Village Council. And I help protect the village and work along side them. [It's an important duty along with all of his training.]
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[Moving over to the fruit bowl, he moves back over to the bed, and simply sets it down beside him. He can eat as much as he will, then.]

The village would be delighted if you do! [Kija would be!] Even had I not asked them [Even already] I believe that they would have offered it to you. You can stay here in my home. There's plenty of room. Everyone is very anxious to meet you.

[And they genuinely are.]

We have never been honored by the presence of one of the other three dragons before. [They are all wondering if this is a sign of more to come.]
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[His predecessor. Kija's brows knit, and he stares down at the covers of the bed. That man had helped to confine him. And yet, he says that he tried to help him escape, too. A complicated relationship. Reaching out, Kija's claw gently falls atop the hand that had lowered.

He can only imagine what he's been through.]

Sometimes, I think the weight of this power is crushing upon some. [Perhaps it is the same for this man that had shown such cruelty to Jae-Ha. And yet, he had wanted to save him. There must have been something there that he recognized too. Or perhaps pitied.

They both know the fate of the of those who eventually lose their power. It will be their own fate some day, too.]

You did what you could. And you should feel no shame or regret. [Had he not escaped, who could say what would have happened to him.]