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Dhaveiras Lavellan ([personal profile] irabelas) wrote in [community profile] teaism2017-01-01 04:30 pm


[Dhaveiras firmly believes that sometimes, there should be breaks between missions. It's been nonstop from the start of all of this, and while he's very determined to deal with it on his own, with his friends, before it gets out of hand (hah)— he needs a break.

It had taken far too long to pull Cullen away from his duties and convince him to follow him to his room.]

Now, don't look so sour. I haven't seen you step out of your office for three days now, so either you're not getting any sleep, or you're sleeping too poorly for it to matter. [It's a little scolding, but Dhaveiras doesn't hide the playful tone in between his words as they pass crowds in the hall.

Now they're in the quiet part, and he can even turn over his shoulder a little and offer Cullen a smile before he steps quickly ahead.]
We're nearly there.

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