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Leon Orcot ([personal profile] dtective) wrote in [community profile] teaism2017-04-30 08:19 pm

stay with me here

(Concept: CDC AU but Leon fucked up at flying a spaceship in their grand escape and now they're who the fuck knows on some random jungle planet. And no dumb uniforms.)

[How many days has it been. Five? It's been at least three, because he can distinctly remember the last three nights of D whining about one thing or another. How can he figure a way out of here when this guy's worrying about his nails or some shit? And Leon swears he was almost attacked by a pack of weird, wild alien animals, but when he ran in with his gun to save the day, he was just scolded for it.

Well, right now, on day-whatever where they're running low on food and supplies, he's had to take some risks. Climbing a tree for some fruit was all he could manage when he was working with a damned vegetarian here, and it just so happened that this particular fruit was large and juicy and hanging a little too precariously off of one of the tallest branches.

So, here he is, bruised and cut up from the fall back down to the forest floor, and wincing as D presses a cloth of something that stings to his cheek.]

Ouch! Come on, don't press that hard, it stings. [He's being a baby. But to be fair, he's grumpy, he's starving, and he has no idea how they're going to get out of this one with a busted up spaceship.]

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