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Eichi Tenshouin ([personal profile] finethanks) wrote in [community profile] teaism2017-05-09 09:38 pm

never-fading sins tbh

[He had agreed to the limitation of affection in public at first, but as the days went on and Eichi realized he couldn't just reach over to take Tsumugi's hand in a show of dominance, he realized that wasn't quite working for him. No amount of convincing was seeming to get through to him, as much as he wavered, and so here they are in the library, way too far apart for his liking.

But it might be that slight distance that has him wanting to close the gap. He's never experienced anything like this before. Longing had always been something related to his work, his schooling, his goal, but now he found himself tracing the curve of Tsumugi's shoulders as he babbled on about some sort of boring book Eichi doesn't really care about. Classes are over, he realizes with a glance over his shoulder to the rest of the empty library. There's no one in the immediate area.

So suddenly, he reaches out to take Tsumugi's hand. It's a gentle thing, despite where his thoughts are already rushing, soft and curling only a few of his fingers around Tsumugi's as he steps closer to him, gently guiding the book back to the shelf with his free hand. Enough of that.

He doesn't say a word yet, relying instead on the eager look in his eyes to do the talking first.]

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