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it's time for us to lose our weary minds

[When word had gotten to Kurapika, to say he was infuriated would be an understatement. He'd had an agreement with Hisoka, and while he'd never once been under the impression that it would be even or fair, at the very least he thought he'd managed to get him down to an art. His lies were random, sometimes for no reason, but there would be no gain in lying to him about this one thing. In fact, he had been positive that if he'd been part of his clan's massacre, he would have said it with glee just to enrage him and gain a fight.

He'd assumed too much, it seemed. Emotion overcame him, and while the couple bodyguards who'd witnessed his reaction tried to stop him, he stormed off without a second thought. He was going to deal with this now. He had no more use for Hisoka.

The most thought he'd put into this was whether or not the law he'd put on Chain Jail would classify Hisoka as a 'spider' or not. He'd decided it wouldn't. That didn't stop him from sending the text.

I'm sending you the coordinates for a desolate location just outside of the city where I'm currently located.
Meet me there tonight.
If you're not close enough, I'll come to you.

Needless to say Hisoka had responded. Why wouldn't he? And now, in traditional clothing rather than his usual suit, Kurapika stood waiting. There were no paved roads in this area. Only hills, dirt, sand, yellow grass... With no view into the city from the spot he'd chosen, it was ideal for a fight.

He wasn't planning on wasting any time with this.]
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[No gain in this lie? Ah, but when did a 'gain' to a lie matter to him? Sure sometimes, but all the time? Sometimes a lie was just as entertaining as that, a lie. Nothing more. Still- if he had lied before, it would've gained him time, gained him Kurapika as the 'slight' ally that he had been, only to lead Kurapika to sour the deal. Taking Chrollo's Nen? How rude of the Kurta.]

[After all, he had been more interested in a fight with the Troupe Leader than Kurapika at the time. So yes- gained time. And perhaps a fight from the boy later.]

[Like- now. Judging from the text.]

[Though it confuses him a little because he hadn't lied. He never was a part of the Troupe then so this text, the scorn behind it, it's ill placed but he'll take it. The smile that accompanies his reply is anything but scared.]

wat an aggressive invitation. ♣ ill b there. ♥

[Late too. Naturally.]

[The grass rustles as he walks, high, but not too much so. Gold, yet white gold beneath the moon, like the hair of a boy who waits, and Hisoka smiles. In his his usual card print attire, though with an emphasis on purple for now, his hair a near aquamarine, earrings of amber dangling down past his jaw. Flats today, probably for the best considering heels wouldn't fair well on loose ground.]

And here I thought our time together was done, what more do we have to say to eachother? Or will you take from me more only to make sour our deal a second time?
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[Building up from the inside yet still, though they may not look red, his eyes remain a window to the screaming depths ever howling in this boy. Rage was not always his- taste, but it certainly was good here and there. Revenge though- something he was more used to. Though- as said. So ill placed here. What was the reason for it?]

[From his eyes- face, to Kurapika's hands. He smiles, his eyes slimming.]

Oh have you? And from what source? [So then, that's that. Always to the point. he never thought he'd get a fight but maybe- he wonders. How those chains might feel on him, would they be any different considering he wasn't a Spider? Or did it only matter that Kurapika thought him to be now?]

[A laugh, raising a hand up over his face, he can't help it. How fortuitous.]

So then, you've come for me? [Spreads his fingers, looking through the spaces before whipping his hand to the side and bringing it back in again, licking at one of them.] Because your clan drips from my fingertips?
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[Ah, chains- Nen. But he knows you tricky, boy, and Gyo on his side he watches for them. A chain coming at him like he had hoped, ready for it. Though that expression, he wasn't ready to be so swayed by it. It's a pity such a look isn't actually for him, for anything he did. In the end, that's what will sour it. But for now he'll take what he can get.]

So quick! [To assume as well!] Careful, boy, that hot head will only bring further pain, and ah- haven't you seen enough?

[A wide smile after his dodge, leaping back and away, a low crouch till he stands up slow. He won't remove his cards, he actually has little desire to kill Kurapika, playing with him sounds a lot more fun. Infact- the world was a little better with someone like him in it. Someone with such purpose. Oh he liked the idea of ending it eventually, but it would be better to wait for the boy to get closer to his end goal first.]

[Leaps back and in doing so, when his hands flicked out, sending cords of Bungee Gum Kurapika's way, aiming for his feet but not retracting should they miss and hit the ground.]
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[He's laughing at those words, smiling wide. It's funny, really- all of this. He's in no place to? And when he's completely correct? What would Kurapika do were it someone else that was innocent that he went after and not just Hisoka- who may or may not deserve it despite not earning it? Would he feel guilt? Would his Nen backfire? Did the boy let his anger control him so easily? How dangerous, inspiring and yet- what a weakness.]

[It's swaying though- yes, inspiring. Kurapika is a beast like this and his Nen, Hisoka can see it. So different from the usual, so much- more- the look in his eyes, the energy, his rage-- Nh- it's a shame it's really not his to enjoy but it's so beautiful in action.]

[A chain again, it comes at him and he quickly dodges by flipping up, standing up on a hand and pushing into the air. The chain strikes, hits ground and quickly he puts and arm over his eyes, landing. Hands lift, spreading, and he makes a layer of aura between the two, fanning it out, catching and blocking the dirt in the air. He catches a thick layer, appears as just- a sheet of dust and grass and seeds.]

[A step back and he stretches at his aura and focuses to extend his aura to each small piece of dirt temporarily using Shu, protecting them and making them part of him for a time before suddenly flinging it all back to Kurapika. The dust and grass has weight now, not flimsy, won't go up in a smoke, but will spike at the boy, pelt him in the air, or pelt part of him, if he dodges he won't dodge all of it. The dodge alone will give Hisoka enough time to move, dart around, and try to fling to strands of Bungee Gum again, aiming for Kurapika's feet a second time.]
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[Hit so easily, his nen certainly is interesting now. How? Hisoka still has yet to know how it works, how Kurapika really uses those chains.]

So strong now, but how? Not an enhancer but you're certainly acting like one, does your ability extend your reach, Kurapika? [Eyes slimming, but he only has a moment.]

[A hard yank, both cords suddenly pulling at him to get Kurapika to fall back and slide forward towards him, already darting forward to whip a leg and smash a heel down into the Kurta's chest. Enhancer abilities to defend, maybe- he'll know for sure should this kick connect. He won't use his full strength, just enough to make Kurapika need to defend as much as an Enhancer might- though enough to crush his sternum into his lungs should he not use the right amount of nen at all.]
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[Flying back- though Hisoka will do his best to use it as a spring board, jumping off his arm and flipping back to land low, a hand setting on the ground- leaving another strand of Bungee gum from his foot to Kurapika's arm. He flicks up his foot while he stands- sending the strand to his hand instead, though without Gyo, Kurapika won't notice it happening. Making three strands now. Two to Kurapika's feet, and one to his arm.]

[Out of the way for that strike with Kurapika's right arm. He won't leave a lot of time in between, already heading at him again, closing the distance quick and sending his fist to Kurapika's face, sending a second to his chest, then a third towards his stomach.]

[In fighting. Close, personal. And Kurapika's already decided to block instead of dodge in the beginning, not a good choice, boy.]
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[Another to his arm, another strand of bungee gum, and then to his chest, a fifth strand, not given a sixth as Kurapika finally dodges. His arm whips past and he quickly glances down, seeing a wind up. Quickly he pulls his arm down, moving to grip on Kurapika's shoulder and lifts himself up. A hand stand up above, atop Kurapika's shoulders, pushing off and landing back behind him, sending his leg hard towards Kurapika's lower back.]

[Not as strong as Uvo, nor Phinks, he slides in third, still strong, definitely. But he usually wins on creativity and his mind more, on finding weaknesses not necessarily overcoming strengths. A bombardment of hits and a slew of dodges and tricks. He might not beat Kurapika down with physical force alone, but he'd make the fight go on and on till Kurapika would become too tired to keep up whatever he was doing to control an 'enhancer's' nen as well as a conjurer's. Hit and dodge, barely straining his own aura out while Kurapika constantly pushed himself over till there was nothing left.]
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[Six. He attaches one from his leg to Kurapika's back as well, leaving it there for now, though he might move it to his own hand like the rest eventually. Slowly tying the boy up, little by little. getting him tired, worn out. Yes- were Hisoka a true Spider it might be smart to get him out of the way early, as he had done with Uvogin. Get the strongest first to prepare yourself for the rest- though could be looked at as a little backwards.]

[Still- Hisoka wasn't really fighting seriously. He was playing with him. Not a card in sight and while he sticks his aura to him here and there he has yet to really use it. Favoring moving around and physical attacks more, waiting, watching Kurapika, shuddering from those looks of rage he grants him over and over again.]

[Kurapika darts and Hisoka's eyes widen, his lips pucker. He has time to block, raises both arms before Kurapika suddenly moves around- yes fast. Unexpectedly so. Hisoka just has enough time to redirect his Nen to guard his back, protecting him. The kick strikes, and while it won't shatter his bones or break his spine, it'll bruise him and make him fly forward. Playful yes, a little sloppy, maybe? He also couldn't help but-

want to feel out hard that kick would be.]

[The ground grinds and kicks up under his feet as he thrusts forward and away from that kick, hunching forward a little and moving to wipe a small bit of blood from his mouth.]

Hee- [Turning, glancing back.] Did that feel good? Hn- [Eyes slimming, standing up again, trailing his fingers over his lips.] It did for me. So piercing, Kurapika. Were you this captivating when you killed Uvogin?
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[His body jerks, sudden. He knows what Kurapika can do without knowing what he can do. A chain to the chest? Pauses, slowly- looking down to it sinking into him. His skin peels, goosepimpling. Being penetrated like that is- rather intoxicating- interesting- makes him really feel like he should submit. And despite the severity of this he smiles up to him, letting his arms go slack at his sides.]

Ohoo~? How scary.

[But he's listening. Still.]
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[Well get used to it. he appears to remain calm despite the intensity in the air, in his own aura. No chain jail to force Zetsu on him so his aura is malicious, hungry for more, for Kurapika's rage. Knows it has no place directed on him but he can still enjoy it for a little while.]

[He stares him down, breathing in deep, feeling his whole body shake, his hands clenching slightly, fingers curled. There's this aroused knot tugging in his stomach and groin.]

Mnn-- I will answer. [States that- first. Making sure Kurapika and his Nen are aware- before trailing off a little, finally needing to close his eyes or else he might- act on some need pumping deep in his gut.]

Though I wonder what will happen- ah-- You never answered me either, Kurapika- do you like this? Such a selfish boy always hearing what you want to hear and ignoring everything else.

[A breath.]


No. I wasn't.
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[Oh just for him? His eyes widen as little, throat tightening. Kurapika's aura shifting, targeting him again, heavier, yet still they stand, facing eachother, a showdown yet- at it's end. Or so it seems anyway. His heart beats, surrounded by chains and the idea of it only makes him more interested, more excited.]

I wanted it- [Eyes slim, smiles wider.] You like this- do you know how lovely you are- like this? [Lifts his chin up, lips curling. He feels his skin prickle, his spine chill.]

I couldn't help myself- nh- [Stares at him, his own nen heavy, gold eyes gleaming.] Those chains are so impressive, but despite my game, they weren't made for me, were they? So will you let that rage burn in you undirected?

Or will you let me make it fun for you? [Said as he slides his tongue over his lips.]
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[His body tugs a little, jerks as the chain pulls from him but leaves no mark to stain his clothes. A sigh, lifting a hand to slide fingers over his chest. It's almost a shame it's gone. Something about having it in him had him even more exhilarated. But ah, as said, it wasn't created for him, he never gained such ire. The spark in Kurapika's eye now though, that was for him, and he smirks, stepping closer.]

I'm not suggesting a fight. [Holds out his hand and- tugs a little, Bungee cords on Kurapika's knees tugging, aiming to try and get him to pull forward, fall into a kneel.]
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[On his knees- hah- he likes the way Kurapika looks like that, like this. Such a good boy with something not so good fueling him. That revenge makes him so tempting and beautiful. Hisoka flicks his Bungee Gum fast to the ground, making Kurapika's knees stuck there when he falls, and steps closer. His usual sashay through the grass, over the dirt, drifts over to him close till he's looking down at him, smiling mad, eyes slim and bright.]

Something to make you cool down perhaps- but not before you get a little hotter. Don't you want to let it out? [Said smoothly, lifting a hand to slide fingers into Kurapika's hair before gripping hard and tilting his head.]

I'll let you feel some release- just be a good boy, okay?

[Smile suddenly widening and he moves down, crouching, pushing forward to force their mouths together and snakes his tongue into his mouth. Fast, heavy, kisses at him with his aura pulsing a little from the way his stomach tugs at the feeling. Holds Kurapika's head there, keeps his knees glued with his Bungee Gum.]
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Haha it's fine!

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[And PUNCHED. Fucking lets it happen too. Nips at Kurapika's lip on the way back, his head whipping to the side, hand letting go of his hair, held tight by the wrist. Hisoka tastes blood in his mouth, his own lip splitting slightly, head spinning, he rolls back his eyes and shivers.]


[Huffs through his nose, still facing away before he slowly turns to face Kurapika again. Stays in his crouch, elbows resting on his bent up knees, hands dangling down between his legs.]

Want to try that again?
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I swear we won't only play bjs again

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[No where to channel it? He's giving you a place. That was the point after all. Make the boy more mad, get him on fire, get it directed to him, and get some fun out of it. Hisoka already started to feel arousal during that fight, acting this way only is natural for him. Kissed him and it just made his gut clench more, made his skin hotter, hit and even more so. Loves the look on his face right now and closes his eyes before he's struck.]


[Whips to the side, falling down on a knee, head held away, stays like like for a long moment, shaking here and there before- facing him again. His eyes peel open, sultry, lips peeling in a subtle smile and he shifts back. Jaw aching, but not enough to stop him from getting down on a hand and mouthing at Kurapika's crotch. Through that uniform of his, the one he seemingly wears to kill those he's felt that grudge for. Strains to crane his neck, mouth wide, curling his lips over his teeth and closing his eyes as he gnaws at the space there.]
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Ha- ha. yeeeaahh

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[That sound get s him to smile, wide, his eyes slimming, glancing up to him from his pose on hands and knees, quick to continue, to get more. Kurapika stares down at him, still intense, it's almost as though he can feel the boy shaking from rage. Ah- just rage alone though? A light laugh, pushing forward to widen his mouth and work lips against him, Kurapika still stuck in place. He certainly could keep hitting him, Hisoka leaves his hands unbound. But the Kurta's frozen. Frozen from the shock of it maybe, frozen from another feeling he might have? Hard to say but he'll try to pry more out of him. Doesn't love his rage, doesn't love to hurt, the blood, the pain of it all, but he could love something. A release that that rage will only make even better if he indulges.]

[He doubts Kurapika really indulges much anyway. The boy's all business, does what he has to to avenge his people, not for fun, not to past time. This isn't for that though, there is no vengeance to be had for those that have died against Hisoka. Forces himself on him but subjugates himself in the process, makes himself prone. Let him hit him, will let him hit him again if he feels the need to.]

Mmnah- [Spreads his lips again, wide, scooping his mouth up to work his lips against Kurapika's crotch, his tongue pushing out to add to the sensation, wet through his clothes. Eyes roll back from the hand in his hair, closes them, gripping at the ground tight with both hands.]
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counts the day, chalk lines, cries

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[He can feel it, little by little, that pump under his mouth. Firmness starting to build and getting Hisoka even more excited as well. Makes him hungrier to pry at him, see if he can coax Kurapika to his side, get him wanting it, just as his body is starting to. Jaw dropping again, he leans forward on his hands, still clenching the ground, and nuzzles his head forward, grinding his lower face and chin against Kurapika's groin before opening his mouth again and blowing hot air into the cloth of his pants.]

Because- [A sigh, trailing off as he pulls back. His eyes flick up and he smiles, moving to raise a hand, sliding fingers up against the inside of Kurapika's thigh, cupping up against his crotch.]

You got me so sensitive, I had to touch you. I know you think it feels good. [A softer smile, looking down again to continue. To work his lips and mouth around what of that bulging mass he can, lapping his tongue wet back and forth over the cloth, soaking it slowly.]

Mmnnh-- hnn--