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[It was amazing, honestly, that things were working out as smoothly as they were. Until this point, everything had been exciting or endearing, and honestly, Oren was so pleased with this turn of events that even Mattias' brand of fumbling couldn't cause his irritation to pool. Hesitation is met with a light, airy chuckle, and he touches a hand to Ryan's face to pause him.

Hopefully he can understand the gesture as it is— an unspoken apology for Mattias' hesitance and a brief tell to wait. It should become clear enough anyway, as he leans forward from where they sit on the bed and lets his hands fall away from Ryan, lifting Mattias' chin instead.]

Your tension is palpable, Mattias, but all I want to touch is you. [And Ryan, he reminds with a light pinch to Ryan's thigh.] Relax.

[Softly, he kisses him, letting it linger just long enough before he pulls back with another of his laughs. He's the picture of calm enjoyment now, robes pooled around his waist and eyes fixing on Ryan as he nods to the least experienced of their little trio.]

Or perhaps he wishes for your guidance?
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Does he? [That comes with a curious tilt of his head as he eyes Mattias, a little smile-- which becomes more of a grin as his gaze flicks back to Oren, ear-fins fluttering briefly.] Or are you just saying you want me to teach him.

[It's the impression he gets, and that is very much a rhetorical question. His attention returns to Mattias as his expression softens, and Ryan reaches up to brush webbed fingers through his hair in a reassuring gesture. He leans close, mouths at his ear-- whispers into it, his voice soft.]

Don't worry about anything but how it feels. If it feels good, you're doing fine. [Teeth graze gently against his earlobe, and as he pulls back he thinks out loud.] I could just demonstrate for you, but... [A thoughtful look turns into something almost teasing when his eyes land on Oren.] Sounds to me like he wants to watch.
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[The kiss lingers and he follows on its trail, listing after it until Oren moves too far. His laughter makes him blush and he pulls away as if burned, scowling right into Ryan's gentle eyes. Anger diffuses, easing his shoulders down as a different sort of heat takes hold.

They're passing him around. Playing a game of catch with his blushes and stammers and, even knowing, he's not certain he dislikes it.

He breathes slow when Ryan comes close, shuddering as his breath skims his skin. Clutches at his arm and makes a tiny whimper as teeth scrape against him. Or maybe it's the words. The ones that both melt and confuse him. The ones that are ruined when he brings up fucking Oren.

He snorts.

Oren's never satisfied with watching.

[Let Ryan discover that himself. Blushing, he shifts towards him. The hand on his arm moves lower, interlacing their fingers as he drifts closer. It'd be a bold move if his shoulders weren't bunched and anxiety written into every muscle.]

You... [A lump in his throat. Of course. He glances down, shifting closer to make up for his awkward pause. A futile attempt at sexiness that he knows has failed the moment he does it.] ... You could always demonstrate on me. Couldn't you? It'd make more sense that way, wouldn't it?
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[Ryan isn't blind to it all, either; he gets the feeling that even though they have Mattias between the two of them, he's the one who's really in the middle, here. They're already familiar with each other, and he knows very little about their history.

He's a natural mediator, though, tends to lean toward peacemaking and compromise whenever possible, and that's precisely what he's considering now. His fingers brush down the back of Mattias's neck, his hand gently grips the one holding onto it, and he rests his head on Mattias's shoulder as his eyes trace over Oren.]

-fair point. Little bit rude to let you get bored, yeah?

[But he has an idea, at least, a thought that brings some heat to the look he fixes on Oren as his eyes return to his face.]

Why don't you tell me what I should show him.
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[They're torturing him. Oren's lips that make his throat dry, the fingertips on his thigh that stop his breath, Ryan's fingers intertwining while his other hand makes him shiver—it's all torture. He's warm. Has been for awhile now but this—the look Ryan gives Oren—just about sets his skin burning.

The suggestion surprises him. His neck snaps towards Ryan, eyes wide and a protest dying in his throat. It's a momentary reaction. One that settles into thoughtful acceptance that's only accentuated by a blush. The idea isn't a bad one. Being ordered around. Taught. Putting on a performance. He squeezes Ryan's hand as he looks away, muttering just loud enough for Oren to hear.

I wouldn't mind.

[And, a minute or two later:] I wouldn't mind... You can come closer too. If you want.
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[That kiss is a very nice start. Ryan hums happily into it, content to enjoy the attention until Oren decides to answer; his eyes are still heavily lidded when Oren begins to lean away, just a sliver of warm yellow showing as he grins in response.]

Taking it slow to start with, huh? Figures you'd be a tease about it.

[But he definitely doesn't mind, and the warm look he gives Mattias says as much. He shifts to face him and leans in, hand coming up to cup the side of his face (the one opposite Oren, of course, he's not going to block his view. That'd be rude.)]

Here. [A soft murmur, almost against his lips- but not quite.] Just follow my lead, alright?

[Ryan gives his hand a reassuring squeeze before he releases it to hold at his waist instead, closing the distance between them to press their lips together. It starts simple, slow, as Oren instructed-- just soft warmth, slightly varied pressure, encouraging Mattias to do the same-- but it's difficult not to push for more, to keep himself restrained. He doesn't take long to move forward, though still keeping it measured; he gently nudges Mattias's lips apart, licks into his mouth with slow, relaxed intent.]
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[Oren comes in, kisses Ryan, and he has trouble remembering to breathe. Their movements are gentle, the passion languid, soft to the point of addiction. He wants to know what it's like, thinks he's going to get it when Oren pulls away. His body shifts forward, a small signal that he's ready, only for Oren to sit back. Rejected, Mattias straightens. Swallows and glances to the side just in time for Ryan to lean towards him.

It's different from how he thought. Ryan's hands sit somewhere between rough and soft; not an unpleasant feeling. He leans into it, heart jumping as Ryan lingers above his lips. His breath is held captive again and it's a struggle to even manage a two syllable word.

O-oka—[That's cut off by a squeeze of the fingers, a hand along his waist and Ryan's lips pressing against his own. Simple as it is, it's almost too much. He wants to flinch back—not due to Ryan but the pressure of doing this right. Of keeping it enjoyable.

Just follow Ryan's lead. Right.

He doesn't move away. The instruction is easy enough to mimic. Varied pressure, soft warmth. He's doing well. This he can get used to, return in equal skill with time. It's when Ryan pushes it forward that things get more complicated. He both welcomes and dreads the nudging of his lips, the entrance of the tongue. How is he supposed to mimic this? Ryan's lips are too far away, out of reach from his own. Trying to get to them would only bring clumsiness. Awkwardness. Laughter and rejection. His hands curl into the sheets, his shoulders bunch and, for a moment, he's unresponsive, lost in a panic of what to do.

Still, something is better than nothing.

So after a good minute, his tongue creeps forward in hesitant touches, small guidances (he hopes) into his mouth. A welcome party; the thought makes him laugh, a small, nervous giggle that comes out muffled. Goddess, he hopes he's doing this right.
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[As hesitant as Mattias is, as nervous as that stifled giggle sounds-- Ryan finds it no less satisfying. There's an unexpected appeal to being the one guiding another, a small measure of-- he's not sure what. Not authority, not power, but trust, perhaps. There's a measure of trust placed in him to do this right, to teach him and show him what feels good, and he's more invested in it than he thought. He meets Mattias's tongue with guidance on his own end, welcoming the touches and showing him how to use it.

Until Oren joins them. He lets the kiss go on another few moments as Oren kisses Mattias's neck, then slowly pulls back with a sigh, lips still just slightly parted.]

Couldn't resist joining in?

[The smile he gives Oren is a self-satisfied one. He knows he'd have had a hard time simply watching, too, and the attempted smugness is somewhat ruined by how obvious it is that his breath comes heavy, skin flush with heat; the way he shifts in place as Oren teases at Mattias's chest doesn't help the impression, either. He enjoys building up, but waiting is going to be hard.]

I think you have most of what I like covered. [That comes with a nod to Oren. His neck is sensitive, especially with the gills, and that's always a favorite.] But- come here?

[He urges Mattias closer, beckoning to Oren with a gesture of his head-- yes, both of you-- and tugs him into his lap. Despite the closeness of the position, he hardly wants Oren to stop touching Mattias, and so he doesn't wrap his arms around him or lean in for another kiss just yet. Instead, his hands glide down his sides in a smooth motion, over his hips, all the way down his thighs, before smoothing back up the same path; his eyes follow his hands, taking him in.] What do you think. [His eyes flick back up to Mattias's face, there.] Where do you want to be touched, right now?