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[Dhaveiras firmly believes that sometimes, there should be breaks between missions. It's been nonstop from the start of all of this, and while he's very determined to deal with it on his own, with his friends, before it gets out of hand (hah)— he needs a break.

It had taken far too long to pull Cullen away from his duties and convince him to follow him to his room.]

Now, don't look so sour. I haven't seen you step out of your office for three days now, so either you're not getting any sleep, or you're sleeping too poorly for it to matter. [It's a little scolding, but Dhaveiras doesn't hide the playful tone in between his words as they pass crowds in the hall.

Now they're in the quiet part, and he can even turn over his shoulder a little and offer Cullen a smile before he steps quickly ahead.]
We're nearly there.
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[ You know what Cullen firmly believes in? Hard work!! That's why he's never sleeping because how are you supposed to work and get everything done when you're sleeping?! You can't. And while he would happily argue this point, he can't bring himself to argue with the Inquisitor — at least, not for very long; and certainly not after he suggests they retire to his room for the night.

Cullen may be a workaholic, but he's not stupid. Most of the time. ]

You do realize my bedroom is above my office, correct? [ So he totally could have been sleeping? He wasn't, but that's not the point. ]
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[ Everyone in Skyhold knows of their relationship now, but Cullen still often wishes it were otherwise. Not because he's ashamed of it or anything, but because he cannot handle the constant teasing from most of the other members of the Inquisition. No one needs to know their business.

but he still takes his hand anyway, slightly less perturbed now that they're in the dark of the corridor and near the Inquisitor's chambers. He doesn't resist the tugging either. ]

I'm going to assume that is a joke. [ They've absolutely banged in there. ]
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[Speak of waiting, Dorian has been for some time now. He's actually reached the point where he's just gotten bored, the rose originally supposed to be in his mouth on the pillow as he's flipping through a book he'd brought with him. Because of course he did.

Oh, but the door is opening, so it's probably never going to be seen again with how fast he flung it across the room. He lays his head back in his hand, making some quick effort like he was ready to be drawn like one of the Orlesian girls. At least the sheet is barely covering him from the waist down.]

Inquisitor. Commander.
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I am almost afraid to ask if you have tried before now... [ It's probably best he not go down that particular line of questioning right now. Not that he has time to, when he's suddenly stopping short behind Dhaveiras. ]

What's wrong — [ Oh. That's wrong. ] M-Maker's breath! Dorian?! [ WHY. His arms fly up, shielding his eyes because wow. WOW. ]
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I think it's the opposite of a bad thing, really. [Dorian grins from ear to ear, sitting up and letting that sheet slide so low... so low... and off him entirely. Yep, he's getting up to make his approach.] Though I'd say you two are entirely overdressed for the occasion.

[Hi, Cullen, appreciate him. He stops in front of him, placing a hand on his hip.] Surely I'm sating some curiosity you must've had.

[or maybe not everyone wants to know, dorian,]
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[ LISTEN. Listen! It's just... it was surprising, okay? Cullen has walked into Dhaveiras' room plenty of times before now, and at no point had he seen Dorian splayed out naked on the bed. By the time the elf pries his arms away from his face, the poor commander is blushing from the tips of his ears to the center of his chest. It's almost impressive how red he is. ]

No, it's n-not, I just — You could have warned me. [ That's the best argument he's got here, because he has thought of it before now, he just didn't... think it was going to happen? Please end him.

And now Dorian, naked and stalking toward him, is touching his hip and Cullen might just die on the spot. ]

...I believe it's already satiated. [ Like, your dick is out, he knows now. He looks to Dhaveiras, all while not doing ANYTHING to pry the mage off him. ] Did you plan this?
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Well, there best be some foreplay. [Dorian furrows his brows like he has no idea what Dhaveiras might mean, but he the facade cracks as he's trying not to laugh.] I'm sorry, Cullen, but you're about as red as Cassandra reading Swords and Shields. It's... adorable.

[He's just naked, come on. Will not posing like a model help? He'll clasp his hands together in front of his chest, as if there's any modesty left to protect here.] It was just a thought. I didn't think our dear Inquisitor would follow through, but here we are. We should help you get more comfortable, shouldn't we? The bed is free.
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I am not startled! [ He is absolutely startled, and he has every right to be! But he doesn't need to point it out, nor does Dorian have to comment on how red he is. He knows!!

Cullen takes a deep breath, trying to reel in both his surprise and the very obvious intrigue regarding the current situation. He tries to look Dorian in the eyes and it's... it's not really working, because hot damn is that man fit for a mage. ]

I suspect I have little choice in the matter, one way or the other. [ So, sure, just lead him to the bed. Maybe he can suffocate himself with a pillow. ]
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And don't say "Dorian leaving the room." [Dorian is still joking, damn him, but he's at least lingering behind Dhaveiras to give the man some space.] If you only want the Inquisitor, I would be... disappointed, but he's right. You don't have to do anything you don't want.

[Look at him, looking at Cullen with concern. He does care.]
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[ Cullen lets Dhaveiras guide him to the bed with little resistance — a sure enough sign that he's hardly against the idea in general, despite the initial overreaction. But, in his defense, he had only ever been in a situation like this in his dreams, and he never once expected them to become a reality like they apparently are now.

He settles on the bed, instinctively reaching for Dhaveiras to pull him closer. A glance to Dorian — well, he has two hands. He can reach for him, too. ]

I never said I didn't want to. I just — maker, just come here. [ Both of you. DO SOMETHING. ]