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never-fading sins tbh

[He had agreed to the limitation of affection in public at first, but as the days went on and Eichi realized he couldn't just reach over to take Tsumugi's hand in a show of dominance, he realized that wasn't quite working for him. No amount of convincing was seeming to get through to him, as much as he wavered, and so here they are in the library, way too far apart for his liking.

But it might be that slight distance that has him wanting to close the gap. He's never experienced anything like this before. Longing had always been something related to his work, his schooling, his goal, but now he found himself tracing the curve of Tsumugi's shoulders as he babbled on about some sort of boring book Eichi doesn't really care about. Classes are over, he realizes with a glance over his shoulder to the rest of the empty library. There's no one in the immediate area.

So suddenly, he reaches out to take Tsumugi's hand. It's a gentle thing, despite where his thoughts are already rushing, soft and curling only a few of his fingers around Tsumugi's as he steps closer to him, gently guiding the book back to the shelf with his free hand. Enough of that.

He doesn't say a word yet, relying instead on the eager look in his eyes to do the talking first.]
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[ Tsumugi was glad that Eichi agreed to this at first, only settling for holding hands and a surprise kiss on the cheek or two. This was fine, definitely. Even though that he knew deep down that he's still very much insecure that Eichi Tenshouin chose to go out with him! Him!! It's cruel and sad, but there's really nothing he can do about it.

They have other things to do anyway, like raving over this new book his favorite author had written! Tsumugi hasn't realized that he's talked Eichi's ear off until his boyfriend reaches over to put the book back to the shelf. Did he do something wrong? ]

Eichi-kun...? [ He turns to stare at him. ] What is it? Are you tired?

[ The library's empty as always. It's lonesome, but he can't really be lonely with Eichi here, can he? ]

It's closing time, anyway. I should lock up and we can go home together. ♪
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i need more flustered mugi icons, fuck

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[ That's... way more than a sweet kiss on the cheek. Tsumugi does his best to return it with much gusto, albeit with hesitation, even though Eichi overpowers him in that department. What's going on?

His heart's racing a mile by the time they pull away from each other, his cheeks a vibrant red. That was really nice, but-- ]

Wh-What? But it's getting dark out soon, and someone might walk in and...

[ They just can't do it right here?! This still counts as a public place, Eichi! Control yourself! ]
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clenches fists..........

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[ The teachers, for one. Or maybe a member of the library committee. Even a student who's stupid enough to return a book past library hours. But Tsumugi's brain is fried, letting Eichi undress him a little and leave tiny kisses on his face. It's a nice, cute gesture, but the voice at the back of his mind is SCREAMING that they should at least do this somewhere else.

Placing both hands on his shoulders, he presses his lips to Eichi's as a way to stop him for just a second before pulling away. ]

What's... gotten into you...
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[ Eichi wants him? Right now? Like this? That washes away most of the doubt he's had for the past few months since getting together, but Tsumugi can't help but feel nervous anyway. His knees are slowly turning into jelly that at this rate he's going to collapse on the floor. ]

I'm not going away, Eichi-kun.

[ Even if they really SHOULD be doing this somewhere else, jeez. But if he puts it that way... Tsumugi can't help but place another kiss on his cheek, still hesitant about taking one step further from that. ]

I was just caught off guard, is all.
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Well that's--

[ OH GOD HE'S STRIPPING. Tsumugi's hands fly up to cover his eyes, feeling his burning face while he's at it. ]

W-Wait! Aren't we going a little too fast? S-Slow down!

[ But he knows that once Eichi starts something, it's practically impossible to stop him. But still, having Eichi go an extra mile just for him like this... His heart can't help but skip a couple more beats at that. Hardly romantic, but still just as sweet. ]
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[ OKAY LET HIM JUST. Peek through his fingers a bit. Gosh, his eyesight really is getting worse, isn't it? He feels bad not being able to see Eichi clearly in this state, but he thinks it's for the best. Not sure how his heart is gonna take any of Eichi's naked self in 1080p. ]

That's better. [ exhales a small sigh of relief ] Um, I'll just...

[ Guess it's his turn to strip now? He pulls off the blazer that Eichi unbuttoned from him and slips off the dark gray sweater as well too. ]

You... really think no one's going to...
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[ Ah yes, the perks of having the stuco president as your boyfriend. Tsumugi shivers at the contact of his lips on his neck, hiding his face on the other male's shoulder and resisting the urge to bite on it. That'd probably be too much. ]

All right. I trust you.

[ He always does. ]

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what have we done

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how is he not dead yet

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more like the power of thirst

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yes we should wrap this up

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[ Tsumugi hasn't stopped thinking about their little experimentation in the library, and he's been out of it ever since. Not that it's bad or anything it's just-- he's entirely new to that, and having someone like him experience it with Eichi of all people...

But okay, he's really got to get his mind out of the gutter. He's been clumsier than usual as a result, and if he doesn't snap out of it soon, Natsume's gonna deliver more than a slap on the face. Maybe a curse. Lord.

Anyways, time to close up shop. He's arranging the books at the rarely visited part of the library (far far away from the place where they'd done it), and he can feel Eichi sneak up to him and see that bottle on his hand.

Needless to say he's shocked. ]

W-W-W-What?! E-Eichi-kun, that's--


P-Put that down! Someone might see that!
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It is, but... C-Can't you just wait until we get out of school? Why do it here of all places?

[ Does Eichi have a kink for semi-public places now... Tsumugi steps back until his own back hits the bookcase he was fixing up, trying not to look at the lube he's holding. How did he even get away with buying something like that? ]

We should do it in a much more comfortable place, like maybe either our houses? Or maybe even a love hotel, but that would be a bad idea, considering we're idols.

[ Imagine the scandal between the revered student council president and a stuffy old librarian. Gosh. ]
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[ Tsumugi shivers at the kiss, feeling utterly trapped. It's true though; Tsumugi was even way more eager at doing it with Eichi at that time, saying lewd things that he'd never dream of saying and teasing and tasting him in places he's only read in the aforementioned trashy romance novels.

And now he's embarrassed just remembering about it because what the hell came over him back then? ]

A-Are you sure we can get away with doing it here again without anyone knowing? We're still inside the school premises, you know...!

[ He grabs a random book behind him and puts it right in front of his mouth as if it's a shield from any more of Eichi's attacks. He really is mean...! ]
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You're using your own lifespan against me? So cruel...

[ He does put the book down and set it aside. Eichi really wants this badly, huh... Well, Tsumugi would be lying if he said that he doesn't want it either. And honestly, the thrill of being found out was addicting at the time, he had to admit. He never thought they could get away with that rush of excitement, given how they usually are.

And so he leans in to kiss Eichi sweetly on the mouth at first, just testing the waters for now. ]
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[ It feels nice, kissing sweetly like this. But Tsumugi is still rather anxious about where this is going, so he pulls away for now and leaves another kiss on Eichi's cheek.

As much as he wants this as well, everything about this is uh... ]

I'm sorry, Eichi-kun. Maybe some other time? I'll definitely make it up to you!
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[ It may be more forceful than the previous kisses they've had, but Tsumugi can't help but melt into the kiss anyway. So insistent, aren't we? Eichi's acting like a child right now and Tsumugi finds it a little adorable, to be honest.

But hearing him say that he wants Tsumugi to say all those sinful things to him again, doing it again in the same room where they had done it the first time... It's overwhelming him. Tsumugi is still struggling with acting out what he wants, so maybe he can do it again with Eichi right here? ]

...I trust you. [ He says after a while, avoiding Eichi's lustful gaze that seems to burn right into his very soul. ] But let's take this slow. And we have to be as quiet as possible. All right?

[ Right. Send some boundaries, and watch them be destroyed as time goes on. Ah well, it's worth a try. ]

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what have i done to him

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yes tsumugi commit to the dick

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rip tsumugi we knew you well

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