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whyre u looking thru our windows
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this is baroona but those are pretty good questions.
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yeah, ok. i told him where you were. he's taking a peek now.
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[opens the window

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[baroona's laughing loud enough zelos can probably hear it from outside.]
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ares says he liked what he saw
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[which lines up SO WELL with the fact that he's opening the window again juuust long enough to shout out it.]

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he says he wants to see more

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if you die that just means you're too wimpy for me

try your best! i think he's coming out to greet you
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[oh please zelos there's no danger to your person here. just maybe your hair.

because look, he's not a fucking physicist or something. he IS, however, a little shit who has learned through trial and error how to get a garden hose spray to shoot as far as possible.

so yeah he's seeing if it reaches across the street HAVE FUN ZELOS!! ares sure is!]
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[Zelos, on the other hand, will only hear the window slide open again so that Baroona can rest his elbows on it and watch. Lazily, he waves.]

Go get him, Ares!

[To Zelos:] you'll have to do better than that ;p
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[the screaming is exactly what he expected, but ugh, it hurts his ears. WHY DOES HE SCREAM LIKE A GIRL.]

He's your weirdo stalker, Baroona!

[so why is this up to him, huh?? he aims a short jet of water at the open window this time, hoping for a sneak attack.]

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You're the one he annoys.

[Which begs the question why is Baroona encouraging this? Only he knows.]

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Are you seriously strangling the mailbox?

[Ha. See? They're both being socially unacceptable. He nudges Zelos aside as he hunts down his mailbox, passing through each of the 6,000 keys they've given him since moving in. Which one was for the mailbox again?] Haven't had coffee yet. No coffee, no clothes.

[He glances back at him.] What's your excuse?
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[Baroona chuckles.] So much for constant service.

[He catches Zelos looking over his shoulder and it gives him an idea.] Hey. Here. Let me take a look. [Slapping Zelos' chest, he hands him his ring of keys and slips Zelos' into his hand.] You take care of mine.

[Cue Baroona going through a series of movements that are a bit too close to becoming lock-picking.]
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You did get the easy end.

["So quiet down and let him work" is implied. It takes him longer than it does Zelos, fiddling and pressing, but when he does finally finish–the lock clicks and the mailbox swings open. Baroona tosses Zelos key back to him, sidestepping the mail that comes spilling from Zelos' box.]

There you go. [He toys with the key Zelos found, eyes still on the mail that poured from Zelos' box.] I didn't think these boxes could hold that much.